Wednesday, June 24, 2009

cute suit

these have to be the cutest baby clothes!(second from maak en herstel of cause!) i want a baby so i can dress it up it pretty little sailor outfits! i can't stop "nawwww"ing!!!


So today I was madly rushing about in the rain to get to the local newsagent to get the new Frankie. It was cold, and wet but I loved it. I love the happiness when i can finally lay my hands on a new issue of Frankie or Dazed magazine, it makes me shiver with joy. especially when its winter because i can curl up into a ball under my duvet with a flash torch and a cup of hot tea. Although the duvet does end up becoming quite damp from the mist. its such a lovely way to spend the afternoon don't you think? so anyway, across the lovely glossy pages i stumbled across some of Alex Pragers photography, i have to admit it does have a certain buzz about it don't you think?
I really like it! the wigs and make-up look amazing and the angles and shots are wonderful!

Monday, June 22, 2009

too cool for school

right so ever since i went on work experience to Donaldson + Warn i have been having second thoughts about my career. i mean, im really starting to think about changing my mind path down another alleyway. as if i am ever ever going to get high enough scores to be an architect. after all, im failing maths about 66% or some shit. the annoying part is that when i study i don't even do so well! so i have totally given up on that.
anyway, this makes my heart leap with joy. if there was ever a cool-school-of-the-world medal this would be the go school. fucking awesome.
i think Jenny(yes thats right my best friend Jenny, who told me that she would "chop my head off" for calling her Jenny, god that made me love her even more) should be having second thoughts of where the school is going. there is some tough competition out there. this has left me pondering...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy snappy

i guarantee you this song will make you nine hundred and ninety nine percent happier. its like a creepy form of hypnotism! it kind of reminds me of a pedophile... is that a good thing? i especially like the fact that it has absolutely no meaning whatsoever.

it makes me want to jump around!
Courtesy of papa Tony, Tess and Morgan... how they found it i have no idea but its stuck in my head!
just like sim said; if only life was a musical!
have a happy day! love Yasmin.

Monday, June 8, 2009

lomo joy

its surprising how happy a parcel can make you.
just getting a letter makes me jump with unbearable joy! especially when the package contains something which you will love and care about for quite a long while.
my new lomo. brings me so much joy. my father thought i had caught swine flu as i was jumping around like mad.
lomos are so fantastic. well, its hard to explain but they are. they have the most wonderful colour and they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. they have every type of film imaginable and are just completely and utterly amazingly great.
after feeling rather sad about not having my polaroids anymore i invested in a actionsampler!
over and out, love love from yasmin.
p.s. i wish you all the best for fighting away swine flu.
i say everyone go to bed for a week. just like the bears do in winter. although i think i would get rather restless!
love, x

Saturday, June 6, 2009

just yesterday

well, infact it wasn't... remember when i had long hair? well i certainly do.
look at all of these extremely old pictures of me with long luscious hair. and my hair is blonde-er might i add! some of which are so embarrassing it hurts; as yasmin, im more than happy to share with you some embarrassing photos.

i remember this so clearly! this was on Katie's boat during year 8. gosh! i remember once me and katie went to see the faries live. we had tiaras and everything. and we had these tops which said best friends forever on them and they had little plastic pockets where you put a picture in it. genious! i have never ever seen anything quite like them...

if i haden't capured these moments through a lens when i did. i would never have remembered them. imagine if we didn't have cameras... how dull and boring would life be.

this reminds me of that add where the boy is doing a back flip off a boat. unworry?

i do believe this is possibly one of the best pictures i have ever seen. well maybe not but i do love this picture.

look at that lack of style.

well children theres a few things for you to ponder.
love love yasmin

Thursday, June 4, 2009

en herstel?

maak en herstel launch was such fun. i can't say i recognized as many as people who recognized me.
although i am impressed that people did recognize me! some people i had not seen since i was about 7 inches tall. (not that i remembered anyway). i had people of all sorts coming up to me and aksing me if i remembered them. although i did try my best, i must admit i told a few white lies whilst i was there. it is most embarrassing when you do not remember and i do tend to just play along with that kind of a thing.
actually, the strangest thing happened to me today. i got all these bizarre messages from an unknown number... then the person rang me. holding myself back from not answering the phone; i have never been able to resist you know, ever since i was a little tot. picking up the phone.
and you know when you haven't talked for ages and your voice goes all weird? like a small boy whose voice has just broken but not quite. well my voice sounded like that, and might i also add that i also have a blocked nose and over the phone my voice does sound about one billion times stranger.
so anyway, i answered this strange yet exiting phone call with a sort of grumble noise. now im not sure if it was a girl or a boy who talked back but im guessing it was a mixture of both. a 'sheman' and i like to call it.
she started having a conversation with me and i was getting all embarrassed and shy and going into my confused and quiet mode. after a while i just sort of stop listening and hung up.
im glad she didn't call again because i wouldn't have known what to say! i feel it is my duty to report to you about these stupid and embarrassing times in my life. it doesn't happen very often as i try my best to cover it up. well thats in my life forever now, its trapped in my brain like a fly caught helplessly in a web.
anway the rest of maak en herstel night pretty much consisted of eating chocolate rocks, bathing in confusingness, making and drinking other peoples beer spit and making flowers out of whine.
all comes for quite a riot.
love love love yasyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

4.. Y

Im totally in love with Edie Sedgwick!
I think she is just fabulous... i wish she wasn't dead.


I feel sad for those who died in air bus330. It makes me value my life so much more than I do at the moment, what a way to go!
lets morn for a moment
It made me feel so upset that i couldn't even do a cross word yesterday! i love crosswords! Its so strange how things happen like that, I really do hate to say it but it makes me wonder if 'god' actually exists. Its simply not fair! one of lifes many questions... why do these things happen? It intrigues me so, I simply cannot help but read all the articles and watch all of the news reports. I find this sort of a thing oh so fascinating! I guess its probably just one of those things that will always make me stop and listen.
but, I guess I cannot do much about it right? Its not like i can take back time and fly out in a red cape and see what happened and try to stop it. no one even knew anything like this could happen! you would think that planes would have enough technology to stop this kind of a thing happening.
its simply awful. but seriously; imagine dying for your job. being a pilot must be very mind boggling. My pa said its just as dangerous as being a bus driver but I don't think so. Planes can be so dangerous. you would think they would have invented those machines on Futurama by now!
Simply horrible. so sorry.


much love love yasmin,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

maak en herstel

My big Sister has recently launched her new autumn/winter 09 range! Its really quite exiting because she has also launched her website too!
maak en hertel are a series of hand made tee shirts for trendy tots and totettes. The sizes range from new born to four years.







possibly the cutest clothing ever created for children! well done sister!