Friday, May 22, 2009

creative farts

made some leotards for creative arts day. its always such fun. we went as fish but it didn't turn out as well as we had expected!
its fun having a camera man follow you.



i love the one just above, it looks just like a lomo.

wild and windy

it is so cold today!
almost as if we are living in a snow globe! although my sister assures me that its most possibly a thousand degrees colder in England, i like to pretend anyway.
i didn't have a very good sleep last night as it was so windy and rainy! even lightning-y at some points! i do like it though, so im not sure why im complaining.
I think because when its hot, its hard to get cool. you can only take your clothes of to a certain extent and you often feel as if your melting into a blob. but when its cold you can rug up and feel like your freezing. i both ways has its good and bad points. i do love dresses, and they aren't always very appropriate for cold weather.
i love coats and tights and boots and scarves. most importantly, i love my winter uniform! the summer one looks like it has been whipped right out of a derelict building but then was trodden on by Jenny and eaten by 5 dogs then ironed and a navy tie was added. since im wearing my uniform 5 days out of 7. i think its rather important that i like it! most people don't but i think its the best out of them all.
i just don't approve of the jumper, but the blazer is quite trendy. i guess i can't change it anyway...
winter also means wood fires! im so glad we have a lovely wood fire in our lounge, in fact its burning away at the moment. so nice and cozy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

days in the brain of Yasmin

Its been simply forever since i have been on here! what with school and all that jazz... i have recently been sobbing over the sadness of no more Polaroids; well at least the fact that they have gone up 10 dollars a pack!
luckily, there is this new camera which works in the same way but is from Fuji! pretty expensive might i add. i might have to save up for a while until i can lay my hands on one of those.
in the mean time I'll have to make do with my Pentax. i guess thats alright though.
So, today we had this gym competition which was a bit of a laugh. a few of my friends turned up in ridiculous outfits which were later questioned by Jenny(Ethel that is, I might as well push that while i still can, before she chops my head off; yes im being totally serious!). As well as a few ridiculous hair do's- i was surprised mine wasn't involved, maybe i had got my dose of telling off for the day. Damn, i always think of the best comebacks after the event has taken place. That reminds me of one time when i was just a small child, well i was about 10 or something like that.
Me and my lovely mother were driving though Mount Lawley when we stumbled across what seemed like 'the coolest chair ever' at the time. and it was for free! on someones verge! I stepped into the real world (out of the car that is) and was preparing myself to pick up this chair when this lady came running across the verge from the house next door. Pulled the chair out of my tiny arms and ran off again.
i was in shock and when i stepped back into the world which is our car i came up with all these good comebacks. if they were only a few seconds earlier.
oh well, such is life
the morel of this story is to think before you speak. something that come quite naturally when i don't want it to.
Riley came back from America; unfortunatly, Riley isn't even in this photo.

Sim, Tess, Katie,Sophie Z, Sophie P, Yasmin