Monday, August 31, 2009

youtubing madness

i havent blogged for ages, well too long for my liking.

so here, this is how i spend my mondays. quite plain really.
school, work, dinner, youtubeing. i know, makes me sounds like a total nerd but there are some marvelous ones out there!
check out this one for starters;

im convincingly in complete love with Twiggy, she is just a darling. this youtube proves it!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

90s time climb

i would, if i could, go back to childhood!
holly sent me this video which was like going back in time to my dads house when i was but a young child. the 90s infact. good years, wonderful, happy years!
remember these videos? i sure do! i jumped for joy at the sound of their synthetic yet original theme tunes.

>these make me happy! so very happy indeed i decided to post this blog. which means i am pretty damn happy at 11:00 on a thursday night. mind you i dont have school tomorrow which is a wonderful bonus. four long days of blissfulness.
much love, yasmino. x

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the selby

honesty addictive. i spend hours and hours on this site just looking at peoples awesome houses. its fun and takes up unwanted time. i mean isn't that what you want in a website anyway? im not going on the computer to have fun, im doing homework! kidding.
this website inspires me to clean and make everything Selby-worthy! im sure it will make you too!


cabin fever

oh yes, thats right. i have actually become obsessed. i love it so much there, its like my little harmony. which is eventually disturbed by someone else visiting. free tea and lollies and whatnot. oh its so nice and cozy in there. it should probably be called cave fever. although i think cabin does have a nicer ring to it don't you think? so, its a part of pigeonhole in Bon Marche Arcade in the city. there is stuff you can buy and don't forget pigeonhole is right next door just incase you run out of something important, not including food, maybe some cakie-pops? mmmmmmm!

love. x

fine, design, line, spine, wine, swine?

not exactly swine, but its contagious! i kind of like it. although some of the interiors are kind of gross.

just discovered this! its pretty marvelous! check it out kids! x

hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle.

So today was a day of most days. school, school and more school. which always makes my week such a marvelous one. although i could tell you that i would definitely rather be out somewhere other than school. although i had to model my wearable art which was pretty funny. have to do it again tomorrow! but in fount of little children so i wont be as nervous. anyway, sewing... back to sewing. im getting so lazy with my blogs! i need someone to come and tell me to keep writing on it. else it will never get written on. although i do love it.
on the weekend we did go to ECU open day though. it was pretty good except for the lame nova music which was playing. plus we didn't really look at much. i can't really go there anyway because they don't have an architecture cause but i did like the campus!

ahah i love these funny iphone fake Polaroids. i really don't see the point seeing i have a Polaroid anyway but still! they are like Polaroids on the go!


much love, love yasmin. x

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


everything is horrible and horrible is everything