Sunday, December 27, 2009

a petit update

i know im getting slack on posts. to be prefectly honest the reason is not that its been christmas- well maybe that counts a little- but its that i have dedicated my blogging to another joint blog;

Monday, December 7, 2009

scream tests

these screen tests are all soooo amazing. andy films them from such great angles. i love the way his films are just about everyday things, but thats what makes them so inividual. the screen tests really bring out the lighting, especially in black and white. the lou reed one especially captures my attention.

something, or nothing?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

pain without rain

i only know of one other living human being who feels most happy while it is raining.
i find the sun puts me very much down. it doesnt make me feel happy at all. which is annoying when you live in a city that hardly ever sees rain for most of the year.
its good here, nice and rainy, and cloudy. the sun makes my skin hurt. at least, i hate it when its sunny and not hot. if its sunny, shouldnt it be hot? most confusing! the other person i know who hates the hot and loves the rain, is a very very close friend of mine. its good because we can both talk about how much we hate the sun until death do us part.
so lou reed, in answer to your question- who loves the sun?
definitely not i.
i dont care how many people like it, i fucking hate it.

Friday, December 4, 2009

de dire je t'aime

ek is lief vir jou
unë të dua
أنا أحبك
я цябе люблю
나는 당신을 사랑합니다
i love you
אני אוהב אותך
من شما را دوست دارم
ฉัน รัก เธอ
je t'aime
ti amo
волим те
seni seviyorum

so many ways to say one thing, its hard to know what way to say it...
theres only a few important people i say this to. possibly because its a very important thing to say.

look out kid

bob dylan, you are amazing.
so very relevant to my life at the moment.
although, i have to addmit, im not as homesick now. its lovely here.
i just love bob dylan. probably comes from litening to him so much as a child.
my father is a mega mega fan..
just before i left, i was going through my fathers CD collection.
it was so strange seeing all these childhood memories.
i remembed time and time again picking up this CD because it had ducks on it.
i loved it. i also found some rolling stone albums that when i put on i went back to when i was little sitting on the floor.
amazing the way things do that. go back to your childhood. so many fond memories. so many horrid ones.

new friends=new things

i made a new friend. hes somewhat older than me. and a teacher at the school im going to here.
hes such a darling. is funny how generations meet like that.
we like the same music, even though he is so much older than me. i show him pictures of my family, and he shows me pictures of his.
when different generations meet you learn so many new things you wouldn't otherwise!
amazing. i think we will be friends forever.
look at his photography skills. i dare say he has some embarrassing photos of me..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

to be honest, i didn't think id miss perth at all.. and i find my self missing what?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i h8 u

for your very very importantance: facebook nor blogger, or any site for that matter(with twitter as a very lame exception) shall not be used as a texting site. even texting doesnt have an acception! therefor any abriviations are here by prohibited. how much longer does it honestly take to write an 'A' and a 'CKS' on thanks, if you are willing to write an X instead your clearly mistaken. there is not a good enough reason for it! a crime i say! which is why i have come to the conclusion that abriviations take just as long to type as the actual word. dictionarys have been printed for a reason kids!

brest is best

been a while my fellow bloggers. so since the last time i posted so much has happened. probably the main thing is that i have wound up in France. yeah, Brittany, Brest whatever you want to call it really. anyway the fact is im here and its cold and im all alone. i mean, its nice here. when you have family with ya. i, however, dont. im all alone in this strange town where bagettes are made freshly and dodging rain is practically a chore. of cause there is that good exception of being able to leave school bacically whenever you want to go and buy bagettes and graph papered booklettes.

Monday, November 2, 2009


the fun never stops! now i can smell like dirt, play-doh, chocolate covered cherries, pineapple, Bulgarian rose, grass, cherry blossom, snow, fig leaf, pink lemonade, honeysuckle, rain, pure soap, wet garden, laundromat, baby powder, white bouquet, sex on the beach and crayons!
oh the joys of life! i mean how many times have you wanted to smell like snow?

Sunday, November 1, 2009


everyone knows i have dirt perfume but is this too far?

i mean what is their target audience? children who rub play-doh over them? whats even more funny is that the website actually says that the fragrance is meant for ‘highly-creative people, who seek a whimsical scent reminiscent of their childhood.’ WHAT THE FUCK?!
and whats even more creepy is that they are actually trying to sell this shit. at the end it says "
The formula for PLAY-DOH compound still remains a closely-guarded secret to this day." damn straight, its probably got the same story as coke, thats why innocent children get addicted to eat it the whole time. is it actually safe? i dont know, but i certainly wont be buying play-doh perfume.

this is actually a good remix. not the 92.9 type. skream is so good.


pop flash

i don't know how old you are but if you were alive in the 50s i take of my hat to all of you who were drinking pop. so anyway, coka-cola was originally invented for use as a patient medicine and was first made in a drug store so you can imagine all the shit they put in it. it was first called "cocawine" and was designed to cure many diseases, including morphine addiction, headaches, dyspepsia and impotence.

Coke concentrate, or Coke syrup, was and is sold separately at pharmacies in small quantities, as an over-the-counter remedy for nausea or mildly upset stomach. the formula also included the two key ingredients which were cocaine and caffeine, hence the name coca-cola. nine milligrams of coke was added per glass and in 1903 it was removed but coke still contains a coke-free leaf extract to give the same taste. coca-cola has also been the main cause of some tumors found because of the acid! well creepy! i dont really like coke but this is fucking hilarious.


in 16 days im outta here mother fuckers!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

i'd like to dedicate this post to a little lady who thinks she should be on my blog more than once.


Friday, October 23, 2009

the fun theory

these are so funny! i wish perth was this cool!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


the holidays were so bitchin'.





i haven't written for ever. i have been trying to over come my complete addiction to the computer. what is happening to this ever growing world of technology? i always like to imagine what people will invent next. like did people see the invention of phones coming or did they just suddenly appear and rock peoples world? these are the questions I'm faced with from day to day, like; what if people were dogs and dogs were people? stupid things like that. i always think about questions that don't make any fucking sense what so ever and make myself really think about them when i should be thinking about something more important like, lets say, maths? i find myself writing answers to these questions down rather than writing maths questions or notes. just the other day i found myself unexpectedly witting about a problem i am dealing with at the moment down in my English book. i was writing what i was thinking and this i think is a trait. i blame this trait on a little something called school. i mean, if i wasn't at school i wouldn't be thinking these stupid questions because i wouldn't be civilized enough (even smart if you like) to be thinking these kinds of things! the moral of the story is; don't go to school kids. because it just fucks with your head. i mean how many times will you need to know how to find the vertex of a parabola in day to day life? i can almost guarantee you wont ever look at a curve in the road and try to work out the vertex. its rediu-lars! to top it all off 90% of my teachers are tits so i dont even bother trying to suck up to them because they hate me anyway.

to end on a good note, i leave for france in 26 days! i dont know what to expect...


Saturday, October 3, 2009

blue afternoons

so, im sure by the title of this post you can already tell what im going to say. im feeling so very blue. i want a hug from the whole world, excluding those which don't. you make me hurt, so much


Monday, September 21, 2009

so very happy

im so happy to be back at school! its so nice being will all my friends again. plus i was starting to suffer from holly-loss syndrome. being sick actually made me realize that i don't mind school all that much and so i ended that week with a very nice ending involving crying and drinking too much. it was fun all the same, not that i remember that much to be honest.

push it

i have had this in my head all day! x

Thursday, September 10, 2009

maak en herstel on etsy

my sister, annabel, hand makes all these beautiful children's tee's and baby wraps and has just recently opened an etsy shop! now i know most of the people reading this probably dont have children. but im sure you all know plenty! they are such wonderful ideas for presents and you can even get bundles which is a baby wrap and a matching tee! genius!
so anyway, check out her stuff on


i was lying in my bed just minding my own business, coughing and watching the wackness, when my dear mother waltzed in the door with a rather large dosage of cough medicine, my latest batch of antibiotics, two vitamin C tablets and a nurofen. she informed me that her share prices were no longer negative eight thousand dollars and that she had made positive seven hundred and fifty seven dollars and thirty five cents. not that i ever understand what the hell she is going on about but i do take my tablets wisely, "sigh" i press my head back into my pillow. i am ill, and i hate it. firstly because being ill is not at all fun when you have been at home for four days listening to my mother sanding the back wall and the radio, which is on station 720. my mother is a 'do it yourself' woman. even if she doesnt do it right, she still does it. if you think that enough torture. try going into a doctors surgery and having a rather depressed doctor go just a little to close to your boob with a stethoscope. my bed is cold and its wind outside. i would, personally, rather be in a warm classroom swapping notes on how to make after shave and watching hurried children rush to "be the first one to the toasty machine'. not that you would be surprised that i had once won that medal.
i have come to respect school after spending 94 hours at home. i haven't seen holly or tess for almost a week and spending all this time on my own is starting to make me go really crazy. why just last night i wrote a story about a girl who feeds baggets to maggots and has tea parties with black cats and mushrooms.
this was all rather inspired by the addams family, which; might i add, i have watched exactly seven and a half times in two days. i almost know all the lines. hence my myspace name.
anyway, i better go and draw up some maggots and dead cats. x

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

new york city life

what a dazzling collection of photography. this just so happens to be a very good friend of mines fathers photography from their time in America earlier on in this year. when riley told me about all of this i had no doubt it was going to brilliant, but i didn't expect it to be this brilliant! so anyway, visit the website and spend every last dollar on these photos because they are bloody well worth it! what i would give to have a house and a half full of these dreamy shots..

Monday, August 31, 2009

youtubing madness

i havent blogged for ages, well too long for my liking.

so here, this is how i spend my mondays. quite plain really.
school, work, dinner, youtubeing. i know, makes me sounds like a total nerd but there are some marvelous ones out there!
check out this one for starters;

im convincingly in complete love with Twiggy, she is just a darling. this youtube proves it!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

90s time climb

i would, if i could, go back to childhood!
holly sent me this video which was like going back in time to my dads house when i was but a young child. the 90s infact. good years, wonderful, happy years!
remember these videos? i sure do! i jumped for joy at the sound of their synthetic yet original theme tunes.

>these make me happy! so very happy indeed i decided to post this blog. which means i am pretty damn happy at 11:00 on a thursday night. mind you i dont have school tomorrow which is a wonderful bonus. four long days of blissfulness.
much love, yasmino. x

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the selby

honesty addictive. i spend hours and hours on this site just looking at peoples awesome houses. its fun and takes up unwanted time. i mean isn't that what you want in a website anyway? im not going on the computer to have fun, im doing homework! kidding.
this website inspires me to clean and make everything Selby-worthy! im sure it will make you too!


cabin fever

oh yes, thats right. i have actually become obsessed. i love it so much there, its like my little harmony. which is eventually disturbed by someone else visiting. free tea and lollies and whatnot. oh its so nice and cozy in there. it should probably be called cave fever. although i think cabin does have a nicer ring to it don't you think? so, its a part of pigeonhole in Bon Marche Arcade in the city. there is stuff you can buy and don't forget pigeonhole is right next door just incase you run out of something important, not including food, maybe some cakie-pops? mmmmmmm!

love. x

fine, design, line, spine, wine, swine?

not exactly swine, but its contagious! i kind of like it. although some of the interiors are kind of gross.

just discovered this! its pretty marvelous! check it out kids! x

hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle.

So today was a day of most days. school, school and more school. which always makes my week such a marvelous one. although i could tell you that i would definitely rather be out somewhere other than school. although i had to model my wearable art which was pretty funny. have to do it again tomorrow! but in fount of little children so i wont be as nervous. anyway, sewing... back to sewing. im getting so lazy with my blogs! i need someone to come and tell me to keep writing on it. else it will never get written on. although i do love it.
on the weekend we did go to ECU open day though. it was pretty good except for the lame nova music which was playing. plus we didn't really look at much. i can't really go there anyway because they don't have an architecture cause but i did like the campus!

ahah i love these funny iphone fake Polaroids. i really don't see the point seeing i have a Polaroid anyway but still! they are like Polaroids on the go!


much love, love yasmin. x

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


everything is horrible and horrible is everything

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

king of pop

Born august 29, died June 25th. pauvre Michael. he lived a life of almost pure harmony. i mean i would kill to live in neverland! it looks like the most blissful place in the world. and i, being a fan of rides and pools, would definitely benefit from such an adventure.

i think i would probably cry if i went there. although Michael Jackson not being there may be a bit benefit. although i love him with most of my heart, i have my doubts. the rubber story i just watched on tele sat in my head for a good few hours.
whatever, he is the king of pop and will remain the king of pop forever and ever.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

cute suit

these have to be the cutest baby clothes!(second from maak en herstel of cause!) i want a baby so i can dress it up it pretty little sailor outfits! i can't stop "nawwww"ing!!!


So today I was madly rushing about in the rain to get to the local newsagent to get the new Frankie. It was cold, and wet but I loved it. I love the happiness when i can finally lay my hands on a new issue of Frankie or Dazed magazine, it makes me shiver with joy. especially when its winter because i can curl up into a ball under my duvet with a flash torch and a cup of hot tea. Although the duvet does end up becoming quite damp from the mist. its such a lovely way to spend the afternoon don't you think? so anyway, across the lovely glossy pages i stumbled across some of Alex Pragers photography, i have to admit it does have a certain buzz about it don't you think?
I really like it! the wigs and make-up look amazing and the angles and shots are wonderful!