Sunday, December 6, 2009

pain without rain

i only know of one other living human being who feels most happy while it is raining.
i find the sun puts me very much down. it doesnt make me feel happy at all. which is annoying when you live in a city that hardly ever sees rain for most of the year.
its good here, nice and rainy, and cloudy. the sun makes my skin hurt. at least, i hate it when its sunny and not hot. if its sunny, shouldnt it be hot? most confusing! the other person i know who hates the hot and loves the rain, is a very very close friend of mine. its good because we can both talk about how much we hate the sun until death do us part.
so lou reed, in answer to your question- who loves the sun?
definitely not i.
i dont care how many people like it, i fucking hate it.

1 comment:

  1. le soleil est ton ennemi juré... La pluie est ton amie et caressera tes pensées à tout jamais...