Monday, September 21, 2009

so very happy

im so happy to be back at school! its so nice being will all my friends again. plus i was starting to suffer from holly-loss syndrome. being sick actually made me realize that i don't mind school all that much and so i ended that week with a very nice ending involving crying and drinking too much. it was fun all the same, not that i remember that much to be honest.

push it

i have had this in my head all day! x

Thursday, September 10, 2009

maak en herstel on etsy

my sister, annabel, hand makes all these beautiful children's tee's and baby wraps and has just recently opened an etsy shop! now i know most of the people reading this probably dont have children. but im sure you all know plenty! they are such wonderful ideas for presents and you can even get bundles which is a baby wrap and a matching tee! genius!
so anyway, check out her stuff on


i was lying in my bed just minding my own business, coughing and watching the wackness, when my dear mother waltzed in the door with a rather large dosage of cough medicine, my latest batch of antibiotics, two vitamin C tablets and a nurofen. she informed me that her share prices were no longer negative eight thousand dollars and that she had made positive seven hundred and fifty seven dollars and thirty five cents. not that i ever understand what the hell she is going on about but i do take my tablets wisely, "sigh" i press my head back into my pillow. i am ill, and i hate it. firstly because being ill is not at all fun when you have been at home for four days listening to my mother sanding the back wall and the radio, which is on station 720. my mother is a 'do it yourself' woman. even if she doesnt do it right, she still does it. if you think that enough torture. try going into a doctors surgery and having a rather depressed doctor go just a little to close to your boob with a stethoscope. my bed is cold and its wind outside. i would, personally, rather be in a warm classroom swapping notes on how to make after shave and watching hurried children rush to "be the first one to the toasty machine'. not that you would be surprised that i had once won that medal.
i have come to respect school after spending 94 hours at home. i haven't seen holly or tess for almost a week and spending all this time on my own is starting to make me go really crazy. why just last night i wrote a story about a girl who feeds baggets to maggots and has tea parties with black cats and mushrooms.
this was all rather inspired by the addams family, which; might i add, i have watched exactly seven and a half times in two days. i almost know all the lines. hence my myspace name.
anyway, i better go and draw up some maggots and dead cats. x

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

new york city life

what a dazzling collection of photography. this just so happens to be a very good friend of mines fathers photography from their time in America earlier on in this year. when riley told me about all of this i had no doubt it was going to brilliant, but i didn't expect it to be this brilliant! so anyway, visit the website and spend every last dollar on these photos because they are bloody well worth it! what i would give to have a house and a half full of these dreamy shots..