Tuesday, January 20, 2009

music me cals

I have a funny little obsession with musicals.
here is a list of my obvious favorites;

1. Rocky Horror Picture Show
2. Little Shop of Horrors
3. Hair
4. Life as a Cabaret
5. Labyrinth
6. Shock Treatment
7. Fame
8. Mary Poppins
9. The Wizard of Oz

If you haven't yet seen them, I would advise you to immediately!

Tea for Y

so at this point in my life i am spending most of my time drinking tea.
which i guess is something that most people my age don't do a lot of...
you just wouldn't expect a 14 year old girl to be drinking tea.
I have been drinking tea for as far back as I can remember.
I seem to do it a bit too much! I guess its something which has become part of my daily routeen.
I wake up; drink tea.
if im at home during lunch I drink tea.
after dinner I drink tea.
before I go to bed, I drink tea.
im not so sure what I would do without it.
this is pretty pointless, but still I do love tea oh so much!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

hello ween

i know it was ages ago, but this picture is pretty funny!
unfortunately my cupcakes didn't work out as well as i wanted them too!

salle de bains rénovation exploration

Today mother and i went shopping for bathroom stuff. It was good because she lets me do the designing now that im older :)
we chose this really nice bath, its a free standing one, the one we have now is free standing but it is an old fashioned one and mum has given up on its hard maintenance. Which is a shame because its a real collectors item! Too bad i don't collect baths!
we also choose the toilet which was funny because i didn't realize how many options you had when choosing a toilet!

That put Mumma in a good mood, so we went to greens and played pool an drunk tea.
it was the first time i had played pool! I didn't do so well, but i tried my best.
I love greens!

love lots of love love yasmin

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

musical history

today I had a peaceful day at home trying to figure out the way SoKo strums her ukeleli. I really couldn't wrap my head around the idea of the way she plucks then strums up then down then up. There is a little tale to go with this strumming situation.
Once when I was younger, my mother and father took me to a palm reader. She told my parents that I was to be very musical once I was older. Well this is what I have been told anyway.
So far in my life I have played a total of 8 instuments. None of which I have been that succesful with.
I don't think that the palm reader was correct. During the year 2001 I was forced to learn the recorder. According to my school, I really was quite musical.
in year 3, i started learning the guitar. that failed too.
Once I moved up into year 4, we had the option of playing the violin or the chello... I choose the violin. We had to have lessons.
i hated them though. so i got out of them by pretending that i forgot to go.
i eventually got sound out.
year 5, i started playing the trumpet. that was great until i got too lazy to practice. eventually i ended up copying the girl next to me, during band that is.
when i was in year 6, my mother invested in a piano! i played it for hours, making up my own little stupid songs.
i gave that up in year 7 though.
now i just play silly songs on my ukekeli and harmonica...

and that my friend, is my musical history since i was in year 2.

lots of loveliness, love yasmin

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

To Sew

My mumma reckons that i have special 3D vision in my head...
one day when I was 9, I decided that I was going to make my beloved dog a coat.
I did just that. I made my dog a coat... at age 9. which fitted her perfectly if your wondering. (It doesn't fit her anymore but thats because shes gotten a bit fatter.)
I hand sewed it myself, and topped it off with a little bow on the back of her neck.
When I turned 11 I developed a love for my mothers sewing machine, and used it to make clothes for my dolls.
Just like in the Calvin Klein biography.
Once I was 12 I started making clothes for myself. I never use patterns because I don't understand them. I just cut out pieces of material and made them into dresses, skirts and bags. I still do.
In fact 50% of my clothes are probably ones which I have designed and made myself.
I have a love for sewing. Its basically my other half. If I had a twin her name would be sew.
Many people have tried to hassle me into becoming a fashion designer when i grow up, but i think I want to be an architect.
I also developed a love for wacky make up.

hole for a pigeon

I have this little obsession with this shop called pigeonhole.
I really cannot deny it. any time I am even close to it I jump for joy and eventually trip over myself. It has all sorts of nifty gadgets and nick knacks, and I believe it has just opened it's second shop!
Pigeonhole stocks lomography cameras too, which makes me jump even higher for joy!
It really is a wonder shop with all its jewelry and bits and pieces.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

elephant lady


Southbound 09

Just the other day I attended Southbound festival. It definitely was an experience to remember being my first ever southbound festival.
But it was scorching hot, and amazingly I didn't get burnt! There was a large number of people who were though... I wasn't surprised as there was very little shade at the area and very large area's of sun.
It was good when it was dark though. seeing some of my favorite artists was great, of cause including Soko!
hears to the many southbound festivals ahead of me!


I recently fell in love with mark ryden's work.
some of it's a bit creepy but it's all pretty amazing!
im not so sure how he does it. or how he thinks of it... I wish I was that artistic! he is so talented!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Art is of the essence

Ever since I turned 1 I have been forced to go to art exhibitions.
I use to really despise the thought of having to stand around in a big room packed with people looking at colors on canvas.
although I have been drawing since I was 2, I hadn't tried painting on canvas since last year... now that im 14, I beg dad to take me to art exhibitions.
Art is one of my many obsessions, if I had the choice between going out and painting i would most definitely paint.
I have recently discovered that(along with photography) art is indeed my weakness.
Art is all around you, i think you just have to look.
Everything is art! if we didn't have it, where would we be?