Thursday, May 6, 2010

hair blues

well, i have been studying... ok i lie, i just haven't been bothered to write here for some time. but today, instead of studying-as per usual-i was going about my daily routine of watching Daria and reading page after page of style rookie, when i really should be doing something more interesting. like dye my hair, this colour is so boring its making me seem boring. so... time for a change

 so as sad as it sounds, Jenny would probably have control over this matter. i remember one time in year 8 when i spray painted my hair blue, the teacher took me into the bathrooms and forcefully made me wash it out in the changing room showers. horrific but true. maybe if i actually dye it, they can't force me into something... then again, what can't Jenny Ethel force people into.

and something tells me that if i do dye my hair lilac, that that probably wouldn't go down too well either. then again, what does go down well at Perth College?

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